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About Navigator Driving Academy

Why Choose Navigator Driving Academy ?

We can all remember the feeling: that combination of adrenaline and excitement as we slid behind the wheel in our first Driver's Education class. Earning a license is a rite of passage for most teens, but not everyone has good memories of how they reached that milestone.

At Navigator Driving Academy, we believe learning to drive is an important step toward adulthood, and teaching this skill within a positive environment will produce more confident, safety-conscious drivers.

Learning to drive is a natural progression for our students. Some master these lessons faster than others, and that's where our experience teaching in class and behind the wheel makes a difference.

As Driver's Education instructors, people often ask us with a wry smile, "Oh, how can you do that?" The real question is WHY we do it – and that answer lies within the success of our students. Teaching someone to drive is an extremely rewarding experience. We emphasize safety, showing our students defensive driving techniques and how to reduce distractions behind the wheel. Our program combines classroom work with driving lessons and offers students an easy-to-follow task list to remember while they are on the road. We also want our students to have fun while they're learning. That's why we give them practical driving tips, like how to drive safely through ATM lanes, fast food drive-thrus and in busy parking lots.

Because this is our full-time profession, we are proud to offer the old-fashioned service that comes with running a local business. We realize today's parents and their teens have busy schedules, which is why we have flexible scheduling for our drive times. Our goal is to make Driver's Education a rewarding accomplishment for our students.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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