Road Skills Test Prep Review

Road Skills Test Prep Review

This one-hour private session is offered at Bella Vista Church, $50.00 for 1 person. We will assist you in preparing for the Driving Skills Test by thoroughly examining the three required exercises you must perform in the Basic Control Skills test as follows:

  • Forward Stop Line
  • Curved Path Backing – Sight Side (Y-turn) and Right Turn
  • Curved Path Backing – Blind Side (Parallel Parking)

Also included will be a refresher for the On-The-Road Test with a combination of city, residential and expressway driving.

Road Skill Study Guide. Please check pages 14, 15 and 16. Click here to view.

To schedule a Road Skills Test Prep Review, you will need to contact the office to schedule the private session or leave the required information on the enrollment page and a representative will contact you within 24-hours to schedule the session.

If you're interested in a private session where we bring our driver's education vehicle to your home, the fee is $70 per hour. If you are located more than 15 miles from our Rockford location, a 2-hour minimum session will be required. Please call our office to schedule this private session.

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