Teen Segment 2

Teen Segment 2

Eligibility for Segment 2

Anyone who has been on their Level One license for 90 days and has a minimum of 30 logged driving hours. 2 of these hours have to be at night.

6 Hours of Classroom

Segment 2 is held over a period of three days. Each class is 2 hours in length and does not involve driving. Segment Two is designed to get teens ready for thier first experience of driving alone and to prepare them for the road test. In Segment One, the instructors do most of the teaching and guidance. Segment Two, the students do most of the talking. They talk as a class about Their experiences behind-the-wheel and what they have learned in their 30 hours of driving.

Topics Discussed in Segment 2:

Risk, the dangers of drinking and driving, bad habits, how different vehicles handle, oversteer, understeer, and they fill out a self-evaluation on their driving skills.

What Do I Bring?

Students must bring in their Level One License (NOT the green certificate of completion) and a copy of their logged driving hours.

Segment 2 Contract:

Please download a contract and bring with you to the first night of class. It must be read and signed by the registered student and a parent/guardian.

Click here to download Segment 2 contract

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