Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age that my teen can start driver's training?
Why 24 hours for Segment One?
When do I need to pay for the class?
My son/daughter has a friend in the class. Can they drive together?
What if my son/daughter misses a class?
Why don't a lot of the public schools provide training anymore?
What are the right questions to ask a company?
Why don't you just charge us for both Segments?
Are there any other fees?
Where are you located?
When is your next Segment One class starting?
Are all of your instructors certified?
Do you only teach teens?
How many teens are in the car at once?
I do not understand the Michigan GDL process (graduated licensing). Can you explain it to me?
My teen has lost their driving log. Can we get a new book?
How come I cannot access my student account anymore?
I signed up online, received my user name and password, but I cannot access my account.
My teen has lost their certificate. Can I get a copy of it?
My teen has lost their Level One license, gone through the wash, is unreadable, etc. Can I get another one?